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How would I charge another Assessment?
You might make and charge for as need might arise to agree with the law as it applies in your district. The osCommerce charge framework relies on 5 things. Essential topographical Country definitions which characterize nations and states geologically, Zone definitions which characterize connections between political regions, Expense Zone definitions which characterize the region legitimately impacted by a duty, Expense CLASS definitions which characterize classes of products which might be burdened in various ways, and Assessment RATES which characterize the actual duty.

To charge another expense, you should guarantee that each of the 5 of these elements are tended to. The devices expected to design the duty framework are found in Administrator/Areas and Assessments.

How would I design an expense zone?
The expense zone arrangement in osCommerce (and it’s CRE Stacked Release) is flexible and more valuable than apparently from the get go.

The term Expense Zone is truth be told, a misnomer. Taking a gander at the title of this device could persuade you to think that you are just choosing a zone in which to apply an expense, which isn’t true. This is a forerunner of other wording ills which burden this generally exquisite component so give close consideration to the accompanying subtleties.

Charge Zones are Client Characterized. You might characterize another expense zone (as numerous as you wish!) by choosing the Duty Zone choice under the Administrator devices Areas/Charges menu. The Supplement button is utilized to Embed another zone. Squeezing it presents an altering region on the right of the screen which requests that you enter a zone name and depiction. Doing so is adequately basic – fill in your decisions and press the supplement button, which will immediately introduce your most memorable chance to turn out badly.

On embedding the new zone you will be given a zone list passage that includes the name of your zone and a data/control region to one side of it which contains some ongoing data for the chose zone. It will contain the data you entered and a line that lets you know the quantity of zones, which as of now ought to be zero (0). Presently, this appears to be disconnected on the grounds that clearly you are checking out no less than ONE zone in the rundown, having recently made one. This ought to be a piece of information!

Having made a zone, you should now Characterize the zone. This is finished by choosing the zone you wish to characterize and squeezing the subtleties button. You will then, at that point, be given a vacant screen with a header line with 3 headers, nation, zone and activity, with buttons underneath the activity heading named back, and supplement. Try not to daydream on me, simply press the supplement button now.

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